A typical day for Tom

6:00am: Bunky wakes up Tom this early – no matter the day, no matter the month, no matter the year. Like the hairs that fly off Bunky consistently, such is the wake-up schedule.

6:15am: Bunky likes to walk bright and early because after all he needs his potty time even if Tom didn’t get his potty time.

6:30am: Bunky hurries in from his walk with one thing on his mind – food. Today it shall be chicken and rice with a few cooked carrots. A nice healthy portion for this little pug.

7:30am: Tom likes to shower before he has breakfast. Tom wonders why Bunky needs to stand right outside the shower door while Tom sings in the shower.

8:00am: Tom prepares his lightly buttered toast, bowl of oatmeal and half of banana. It’s breakfast time. It’s also time for Bunky to sit right in Tom’s face and make the saddest beggar face that the pug guide book allows.

9:00am: Tom goes into the office to start his day’s work. Bunky follows and sits as close to Tom as he can. During the work day, Bunky also has to work. If Tom stands, Bunky stands. If Tom sits, Bunky sleeps. If Tom walks out of the room, Bunky walks out of the room. It’s all scientifically calculated.

2:00pm: Time to take Bunky for a walk. This is Tom’s hardest walk of the day because this is the walk when Bunky takes his time. Finding a spot to do potty is very difficult at this time of the day. It could be the sun’s position or just the fact that a lot of other dogs have walked and left behind some yummy smells.

5:00pm: Time for Tom to feed Bunky. Tom prepares rice with meatballs and a few peas. It always takes more time for Tom to prepare the meal than it does for Bunky to eat the meal.

6:30pm: Tom takes Bunky for a nice long after dinner walk. This is Tom’s favorite walk of the day with Bunky. Tom winds down from his long day while Bunky pulls back on the leash deciding he wants to go the other way. All is well until Bunky decides he no longer wants to walk. Of course, Tom lifts Bunky up into his arms and walks him the rest of the way home.

8:00pm: Time for Tom to watch some Television. Bunky needs to sit either on top of Tom’s lap or sit in a position where the side of Bunky’s body is touching against Tom at all times. Bunky is almost happy and won’t be fully happy until it is bedtime.

9:00pm: Tom lifts Bunky up and carries him to the bed. Bunky is happy to go to sleep and shows Tom that even though Bunky is little he can take up most of the bed. Tom watches Bunky fall asleep while he cuddles Bunky close to him. Another day in the books.