What are the odds of two pug lovers who happen to be big Instagrammers with hundreds of thousands of followers meeting on Instagram, getting together and publishing one of the most popular pug books of all time?

Given the fact that Instagram isn’t anywhere near conducive for meeting new people and forging fruitful partnerships, the odds are obviously very slim to none. It happened for Gemma Gene and Tom Cote though. The two beat the odds to bring us what could easily be a children’s book bestseller on pugs dubbed; The Pug Who Ate the World.

It all started when Tom Cote at @TheTomCoteShow, who has over 300,000 followers on Instagram, simply liked a photo of Gemma’s who is also a big Instagrammer at @157ofgemma. The rest is history.

Tom had however wanted to write a children’s book all his life. He had always found the process of reading books to small children wondrous. In fact, he states,

“I got inspired from the joy of watching small children’s eyes wander through the pages of children’s books curiously during story telling.”

The amazing journey of pictures and words in children’s books inspired Tom to partner with Gemma, one of the best, most talented illustrators of her time to create a magical children’s story book that children of all ages will cherish for generations.

Both Tom & Gemma have always been and are still obsessed with pugs. In fact, pugs feature prominently in their Instagram and other social media profiles. And their love for pugs goes way beyond social media. Tom Cote has owned several pugs in his life and is looking to adopt another one in a year or two. Gemma owns a pug named Mochi which prominently features on her Instagram.

Tom and Gemma have been working on their book, “The Pug Who Ate the World” since summer, 2015. The book takes children on an exciting worldwide adventure through the eyes of Bunky, a little pug, and his best friend Tom. Bunky tries to “eat” the world or rather, sample foods from around the world alongside his best friend Tom.

The book has been processed in premium printing so readers are assured of unmatched picture quality. Readers will get the most accurate colors of the artist.

Gemma Gene is an architect and visual artist by profession. She is from Barcelona but currently based in New York. Gemma joined Steven Holl Architects in 2014 shortly after earning her Masters in Advanced Architecture Design from Columbia University. She had previously acquired her degree in Architecture from La Salle University in Barcelona, Spain. Gemma expanded her Architecture and Fine Arts knowledge at Escola da Cidade in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the University of California Berkeley. She did all this while maintaining a challenging and independent career as published illustrator and award-winning painter. In addition, Gemma’s artistry has graced several galleries, film festivals as well as fairs in New York.

Tom Cote was born in 1963. He spent a good part of his life in central Connecticut. Tom spent most of his formative years writing hundreds of songs and performing his music in front of huge crowds. He shifted gears and became a renowned YouTube video maker. Tom began making comical YouTube videos with a pug named Buddy who thought “out loud”. Tom is currently making humorous videos with his wife Renae Christine.

He coined the, now viral, phrase:

“pugs don’t shed, they spread magical fibers of joy”

which is now a popular meme all over the web.

Pug lovers, both children and adults (parents) have something to smile about. The Pug Who Ate the World is already one of the most popular pug gifts online. The story of Bunky, the little pug that tries to “eat” the entire world is as magical as two pug lovers who happen to be big Instagrammers meeting on Instagram by chance and creating a great pug book.